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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health. 
Below are some of the services provided at this time. 
Please check back as more will be added. Thank you.

Swedish Massage 
30 Minutes - $30 
60 Minutes - $45 
A nice relaxing full body massage to release the stress built up and to 
relieve aching muscles, improve circulation and promote healing.

Deep Tissue 
30 Minutes - $45
60 Minutes - $75
A firmer pressure used in areas that need more work and attention.
Focuses on chronic muscle tension. Those nagging "knots".

Pregnancy Massage 
30 Minutes - $30
60 Minutes - $45 
Enhances the functions of muscles and joints, improves circulation and
general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue. Eases the 
discomforts of pregnancy.

Special Treatments available:

30 Minutes $30
60 Minutes $45
Stress reduction and the healing of the body, mind and spirit by
unblocking the flow of energy in the body. Can provide pain relief and improved

Energy Work/Chakra Balancing 
$45 60 Minutes
Holistic approach to better health by clearing and balancing the Chakras.
Helps to decrease anxiety and depression. Slows breathing and heart rate.
Lowers blood pressure and instills relaxation and a sense of inner peace.

Calf, Ankle and Foot Massage 
$20 20 Minutes
After a long day on your feet or after exercising at the gym, 
why not treat yourself to a nice relaxing lower leg and foot massage!

Chair Massage
$1 per minute 10 minute minimum
Relax in a massage chair while the therapist massages your head, neck and back. Can be customized to include arms, hands and legs. So bring in your aches and pains and sit for a spell. 

Crystal Therapies being added soon!

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